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hey i'm isla welcome to blog



hello my name is isla
im 18 years old
they/them pronouns thank u
i live in brisbane, australia
infp personality type
i am very queer
i like punk and post-punk and new wave and ska and synth pop and jpop and boy bands and pretty acousticy music i like lots of music
i take lots of naps if im not online im probably napping
i like fashion a lot especially japanese street styles
i have alopecia totalis which is why i’m bald in some pics and not in others (feel free to ask me about it if you want!! but pls don’t send rude messages asking if i cancer and stuff)
my instagram is qldrail
my twitter is monobears
my 3ds friend code is 2148-8402-2500
if u wanna ask for my facebook hmu
thnk u

shinji squad or die
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